We provide quick, convenient care for non-urgent illnesses and minor injuries for patients 2 years old or above.

Open Monday through Friday, 9am – Noon and 1 – 4pm

360-736-0256  |  2526 Colonial Drive, Centralia, WA 98531  (map it!)

Cash, credit/debit cards accepted. No health insurance accepted. Payment is due when your visit is complete.

Visit Fee (Minor Illnesses and Injuries): $70

If you are uncertain if we can take care of your acute problem, please call and we can let you know. The Quick Clinic is not a full service medical care clinic as seen in an Urgent Care, Emergency room or seen in a Primary care provider’s office. The care at the Quick clinic is limited in scope to take care of those problems usually able to be taken care of in a 5-10 minute visit without any need for further follow up. A list of medical problems that are seen by the Quick clinic are posted below. All other medical problems not listed will not be taken care of at this office. We do not do labs or x-rays at the Quick Clinic as we do not have those available on site.


Our providers evaluate, diagnose and recommend treatments, including appropriate prescriptions for common illnesses.

No appointment needed
Conveniently located
In and out in about 15 minutes
Serving those 24 months and older


Pregnancy: $10
Sports Physical: $40
College Physicals: $60
DOT Physicals: $150 (Must be scheduled in advance)
Tb testing: $25


Flu: $25
Tdap: $50


Health savings account direct withdrawal
Credit or debit card

Minor illnesses seen at the Quick Clinic

General: Allergies, cough, dizziness, fever, flu, headache, Mono, Motion sickness
ENT: Cold sores, ear infections, ear wax, eye infections, pink eye, sinus infections, sore throat, styes, swimmer’s ear
Chest: Bronchitis, cough
Abdomen: acidic stomach, diarrhea/vomiting
Genital/urinary: Bladder infections
Musculoskeletal: minor joint sprains, minor muscle strains
Skin: Athlete’s foot, minor burns, dry skin, impetigo, insect bites, jock itch, poison ivy, rashes, ringworm, shingles, minor skin infections, minor sunburns, swimmers itch

All other items are not seen at the Quick Clinic, which include and not limited to, lacerations, fractures, motor vehicle accidents, Chronic disease management, general physical exams, Chest pain, Shortness of breath, severely ill patients, pain management, or controlled substances prescribing. If you are not sure you are welcome to inquire if it is something we will see.

We reserve the right to refuse service.

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