Direct Care Benefits

Since we don’t accept any health insurance, we can keep our overhead costs low. We also can contract on our own with lab companies, radiologic groups, whole sale pharmacies to provide low cost alternatives to what you could get through your high deductible insurance plan. We can beat those prices most of the time, which translates into savings directly to your pocket. If you desire these services to go through your insurance instead, then the labs, radiologic groups and pharmacies can bill your insurance.

  • Low monthly fees
  • Ability to text, email, phone your doctor
  • Same day/next day appointments
  • All symptoms dealt with on one day, not multiple visits
  • Substantially lower priced medications, labs, radiology studies
  • Get your medicine here when ill instead of waiting in line at a pharmacy
  • Physical exams today or tomorrow not a month or two in the future
  • Can pay with your HSA (health savings account) for some charges
  • No copays
  • Physical exams are included
  • Filling medications, dealing with multiple problems can be taken care of on the same day
  • Longer visit times
  • Home visits at doctors’ discretion
  • See your doctor at each visit and talk with them if needed after the office is closed
  • Bridges the gap between the high deductible plans and the costs to employees
  • Significantly increases employees’ satisfaction with their healthcare coverage
  • Healthy employees = less sick time, greater productivity and higher morale
  • Unlimited access to your doctor
  • Extended, relaxed visits
  • Same day and next day appointments
  • Full access via technology: email, text, send pictures

What is included

Regular office visits
Physical exams
Chronic disease management
Coordination with Specialists
Blood pressure checks
CDL physicals at reduced prices

What is not included

Labs, Medications, Radiologic studies – though we offer a low cost option
Office testing – though reasonably priced
Any services outside our office
Insurance – you will still need your insurance

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