Let’s Compare Direct Care to the Insurance Based Model

We’re certain you and your family will value the attention and dedication Washington Park Direct Care provides.

  Insurance-based Primary CareDirect Primary Care
Visit Price$40 per visit, average$75 monthly
Making Your AppointmentCall a receptionist, wait on hold
Potentially wait many days to be seen.
Call, email or text
Get an appointment the same or next day.
Concerns per VisitOneMultiple
Time with Physician10 minutes (average)30 minutes or more
Physician InterestOverwhelmed, hard to take interest, generally refer if possibleUnrushed, personal interest, fewer referrals, thorough review
Laboratory Costs$10-$20 copayOften wholesale prices that are less than insurance copays
Medication Costs$10-$30 copay, wait in line for prescriptionOften wholesale prices that are less then insurance copays, no wait time, one stop shopping
After HoursPhone support, Emergency roomCall, text or email your physician directly, be seen after hours if necessary
SummaryHigh cost, fragmented care, time wasted, frustratingLow cost, whole care, efficient, time-saving, satified and healthy!
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