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DOT Physicals

We have providers on staff who are certified to provide DOT Physicals through the NRCME. These are more extensive exams than in years past and you will be asked to partially disrobe during these exams.  We used to provide these on a walk in basis but because of the changes and increased time needed, they will need to be scheduled exams.  If you are healthy without any medical problems, no medications, normal weight, don't smoke, we may be able to provide DOT Physicals on a walk in basis.  

Bring to your visit:

Glasses, hearing aids, any recent laboratory tests, and all your medications.  Drivers with diabetes will need to bring in lab values for the past year. Drivers with heart disease will need to bring in a copy of your most recent cardiology visit, most recent Exercise Stress Test, Echocardiogram (ultrasound of your heart), EKG and a note from your cardiologist stating you are without symptoms. Drivers with lung disease will need to bring in their most recent Lung function tests.  Drivers with sleep apnea need to bring in a copy of your most recent sleep study and evidence that you are using your CPAP.  Patients with a history of TIA or stroke will need to bring in their most recent neurologic evaluation.

Extra testing:  

If you are over 35 and smoke, or are Short of breath, wheezing on exam, have a cough or chest tightness you will have spirometry done for an additional fee.

If you have diminished hearing on exam, a hearing test will also be performed for an additional fee.

If history and/or exam dictate it, an EKG will be performed for an additional fee.

If you have risk factors for sleep apnea (and not already diagnosed) you won't be able to pass the exam until a sleep study is done and evidence you are compliant with the CPAP machine if found to have sleep apnea.   You will be referred back to your Primary Care Physician to have this set up.  Any driver with a BMI (body mass index) of 35 or greater automatically will fall into this category.  (you can check your BMI by googling BMI and use an online calculator)

Any waivers will be need to be brought to the exam.